Ms. Jillian Daniels, Dr. Dawn Batson and Ms. Charmyn Buddy are the orchestrators of the Steeldrum (PAN) in Miami-Dade Public Schools pilot project. They collaborated with Dr. Mike Sullivan (School Principal) and Mr. Mervyn Jackman (Music Educator/Percussionist) in the fall of 1996 about the project while Mr. Mike Kernahan built the instruments. The set of instruments includes two tenors, one double second, one double guitar, one triple guitar and one six bass.

At Redland Elementary, the Steeldrum Ensemble is an extension of the educational process that offers students the opportunity to augment academic achievement across the curriculum.  Participation in the ensemble accelerates learning through the improvement of literacy, memory, fluency, comprehension, concentration and coordination. Eyesight and hearing acuity also enhance cognitive and motor skills. In addition, the rate of the development of physical, mental, emotional and social abilities escalate.

The members of the ensemble consist of fourth and fifth graders who rehearse between 7:30am and 8:15am, Monday through Friday. Requirements for membership in the ensemble include an elementary audition, the best conduct in and out of the ensemble at all times, the best efforts in academic performance, commitment to all rehearsals and performances and the completion of a research project about the Steeldrum

The Ensemble performs a repertoire of many musical genres in concert at least five times during each school year. Performances are made on and off the Redland Elementary school campus.