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Redland Elementary School Song – Mr. Jackman


Redland Elementary Cardinals Chorus performs the school song composed by Mervyn Jackman.


Lyrics & Music by

Mervyn Jackman©

A.                          Redland Elementary

The best school of the century

Home of the Cardinals  

Redland Elementary

One great happy family

We are the Cardinals!


 A1.                 With goals set on high

We just reach for the sky

Expectations are high 

So we fly, fly, fly

We add wings to our minds

And we fly-y


B.                We believe that every child can learn

         Health and education are main concerns

    We also recognize that every child is special

We respect each individual 

Redland Elementary 

Home of the Cardinals 


Repeat B.:        Sing A.:       Sing A1.: and End.