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The PanSticK- by SANCH


Eine Kleine Natchmusik-RESE 2014

Redland Elementary Steeldrum Ensemble-2010/2011

Redland Elementary Steeldrum Ensemble Spring Fest 2013

RESE Performances 2011-2012


Redland Elementary Steeldrum Ensemble

Spanish Heritage Month Redland Elementary Cafe Wednesday, 12th October 2011                           8:30am-9:45am
Winter Fest 2011 Redland Elementary Cafe Monday, 12th December 2011                            1:30pm-2:45pm
Winter Fest 2011 Redland Elementary Cafe Tuesday, 13thDecember 201                              8:30am-9:45am      1:30pm-2:45pm
Winter Fest 2011 Redland Elementary Cafe Wednesday, 14th December 2011                           8:30am-9:45am
Winter Fest 2011 Redland Elementary Cafe Friday, 16th December 2011                           8:30am-9:45am     1:30pm-2:45pm
Science FairSpaghetti Dinner Redland Elementary  Cafe Wednesday, 11th January  2012                           6:00pm-8:00pm
Black History Month –Read In Redland Elementary Media Center Wednesday, 22nd February 2010                            8:45am-9:00am
Fcat Pep Rally Redland ElementaryPlay Field Wednesday, 4th April 2012 1:00pm-1:45pm
FMU-14th Annual Schools Steeldrum Festival Florida Memorial University Friday, 27th April 2012 9:00am-2:45pm
Spring Fest 2012  Redland Elementary Cafe  Monday, 21st May 2012    8:30am-9:45am     1:30pm-2:45pm
Spring Fest 2012 Redland Elementary Cafe Tuesday 22nd May 2012  1:30pm-2:45pm     7:00pm-8:00pm

Redland Elementary Steeldrum Ensemble in Concert 2012

Redland Elementary Steeldrum Ensemble 2010-2011

Take Five – Dave Brubeck

Chopin Opus 28

Pan in School

The Steeldrum Ensemble

The Steeldrum Ensemble is an educational project that offers students the opportunity to develop academic achievement across the curriculum.  Participation in the ensemble accelerates learning through the improvement of literacy, memory, concentration and coordination. Eyesight and hearing acuity are enhanced in addition to cognitive skills and motor skills. The rates of development of physical, mental, emotional and social abilities are also escalated.

A research project is one of the requirements for membership in the ensemble. Through this project, the students engage in extensive reading and writing. Researching information about the instrument, its history and culture, augments their literacy skills with the implementation of technology and conventional methods – Students analyze and synthesize acquired knowledge about the Steeldrum – the invention, the inventors, the development, and the social and cultural usage. In addition the students employ critical thinking skills to discuss the effect of their experiences in the ensemble on their learning. Members of the ensemble are encouraged to contribute suggestions for the improvement of the ensemble.