The ARTS & Education

“Arts education is just as important as education in the academic core subjects of reading, mathematics, history and science.

The arts are part of a well-rounded education that exposes students to the richness of learning that includes textbooks and online research, meaningful hands-on experiences and creative endeavors.

Research in how the brain functions has taught us that there are parts of the brain activated by music and the arts. In fact, experience in the arts accelerates learning in other areas.

Children who are having difficulty in mathematics benefit from studying the spatial relationships associated with learning to read music. Students who have difficulty reading textbooks benefit from reading the words to a song during choral music instruction.

Arts education exposes children to the richness of our human capabilities. Children who are fortunate enough to receive arts education respond in ways that demonstrate their potential for artistic endeavor. The arts draw out our ability to understand our life’s journey and to appreciate the beauty in ourselves and in our world.”

~  “Superintendent’s Corner: Standing up for arts education” by Maria Ott, superintendent of Rowland Unified School District, CA from the San Gabriel Tribune, May 16, 2010


Michelle Berra

Professional Development Coordinator

Passport to the Arts/Cultural Passport

Division of Social Sciences and Life Skills

President, South Florida Orff

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